From indie to mainstream, we distribute it.

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La'Nardo Myrick

Founder and Creator of Baby Girl Elite Digital Distribution.

Kinnette Myrick

Chief Financial Officer of Baby Girl Elite Digital Distribution

La'Shonda Myrick

Chief Operating Officer of Baby Girl Elite Digital Distribution

BGE Digital Distribution was created by La'Nardo Myrick Co-CEO of K.L.M. Enterprises (Services) LLC in to March 2019. Mr. Myrick owned the now closed KLM Distribution which was created to distribute digital music for independent music artists. KLM Distribution thrived form 2015-2018 under a digital distribution deal with Florida based Symphonic Distribution. At the beginning of 2019, KLM Distribution discovered discrepancies in the account and reporting from Symphonic. 


KLM Distribution sought to eliminate the third party deal. The creation of BGE Digital Distribution based in Kansas City, MO was formed. There is no middle or third party digital distribution companies. BGE DD signed a deal with Sono Software of Spain to become the first digital distribution company based in Kansas City, MO. It took over 10,000 songs and 11 record labels with it to the formation of the new venture.


BGE DD founder is La'Nardo Myrick

Interim CEO La'Nardo Myrick

CEO La'Shonda Myrick

CFO Kinnette Myrick

COO Krishan Myrick

CDO Jeanne Myrick

Board President La'Nardo Myrick II