Due to several issues that we have been experienced lately, on the most relevant channels, we are going to change various aspects related with the QC and deliver process of all contents.

The first thing your should know, is that we count on your help and collaboration to identify and detect possible users and contents that may generate copyright conflicts or similar issues.
We also count on your help to make sure, the content we deliver, are at least, of a minimum of good quality.

Secondly, unfortunately, we will have to intensify the QC process, which means that:

  1. It's possible that more contents shall not be approved from now on. Contents that have both, audio or cover art with poor and low quality (according to our Style Guide), may be rejected, and removed from distribution process. (On this case, any paid amount, will be returned to the corresponding user)
  2. Since we now have to do a much more careful QC, a release can be revised (which mean, to stay on QC process) from 24h until 15 work days from its distribution. The more the contents provided from your service are somehow involved on copyright issues or quality rejections, more it will take for us to do the QC of contents provided by your service.
We should clarify, that these measures have been implemented in benefit of our artists firstly, but also in benefit of the channels, of yours, and ours as well.

Keep in mind that, if our system is somehow disadvantaged or implicated with fraudulent content and/or contents of insufficient quality, all of us (artists and platform) are harmed.
So, we count on your understanding, and we rely on your help and close collaboration.