All support requests must arrive via Customer Support. They can arrive as escalated tickets from your own email, or as a new ticket created by a BGE DD admin.

To ensure a more effective support service, from now on, we'll need you to send us the following information, in all your support requests:

  • Your Tenant Name
  • Action intended, expected results, and results obtained
  • Detailed (step-by-step) Report of the error/issue/problem
  • Any relevant information about the user and content (e-Mail, Release's title or UPC, ISRC, etc.)
  • Any relevant information about the user's system (It includes: Operating System (Version), Web Browser (Version). If you prefer, you can get all this information instantly on:
  • Any relevant Extra Information (Screenshots, Arrived e-Mails, any Identification Numbers such as Transactions IDs, Invoices IDs, etc.)
  • If the Request involves any File, please, also send us the failed files (Audio or Image)
  • It there is any related Ticket already created, please, include the ID or, even better, reply to the same email.